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    Weapons Mods


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    Weapons Mods

    Post  Cathetel on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:15 pm

    So, I'm wanting to mod my weapon before Sunday's game and I was hoping you guys could help me out with that since I don't have the rule book. Anyone do this before? (I'm looking at you Beo/Pulloth.) Have any suggestions? Admittedly and as per usual I don't have a clue ^_^; Help a girl out?

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    Re: Weapons Mods

    Post  Iridiel on Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:23 am

    There are weapons in this game?

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    Re: Weapons Mods

    Post  laylial on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:06 pm

    I got you.

    Take a stunt called Personal Magical Device. This gives you three advancements to an items

    Pick 3 from any of the following. Power skills are potestate or sephirotic abilities.

    (Non-magical, non-power skill advancements)
    -Additional Capability: The device can do something
    else of roughly the same scale: a carriage may be a
    boat, or a pike may shoot a grappling hook.

    -Alternate Skill Usage: The device allows skills to
    be used differently. For example, wheel blades on
    a chariot might allow Drive to be used instead of
    Melee Weapons to attack.

    -Armed: Adds arrows, bolts, or blades to a device that
    wouldn’t normally have them, allowing its use with
    the Melee or Ranged Weapons skill. Each Armed
    improvement gives a +1 damage bonus.

    -Armoured: The device has 1 point of armour per
    improvement; the improvement can be taken 3
    times. If applied to armour, the maximum increase is
    equal to the armour’s initial value (so plate armour,
    with a -2 Armour Bonus, may gain a maximum
    of 2 additional armour points as a result of this

    -Technology: Available only in certain settings
    (such as Steampunk - see page 270), and generally
    requiring an appropriate aspect or stunt. The device
    can include a technological advance beyond the
    capabilities of the campaign setting, such as being
    steam-powered or using black powder.

    -Hair Trigger: Mostly applicable to traps, petards, or
    black powder weapons, a device with a hair trigger
    goes off as soon as it’s touched. The bad news is that
    there’s a chance of it going off in your face; failing
    any roll to set or place the device means you’re
    literally hoist by your own petard! Also, a character
    carrying a primed hair trigger device who takes any
    Physical stress or consequences must roll D6-D6; on
    a minus number, it goes off.

    -Miniaturization: Something not normally portable
    can fit in a large chest, while something merely large
    fits in a belt pouch.

    -Maximization: The inverse of miniaturization:
    sometimes you need something to be BIG! This
    improvement alters an item for circumstances when
    size really matters, such as a weapon to damage a
    monstrous target, or a carriage as big as a house and
    able to transport many passengers. The item can
    interact with objects up to 3 scales larger rather than
    just two (see page 181).

    -Craftsmanship: The device
    gives a +1 bonus (usually
    only to one skill, if the
    device supports multiple
    skills). This improvement
    can’t be taken more than
    once per skill.

    -Rugged: The device has
    2 extra stress boxes. The
    improvement may be taken
    multiple times.

    -Special Effect: The device
    operates on different
    principles, ie a waterpowered
    catapult or pedalpowered
    carriage. The game
    benefit depends on the

    -Upgrade: The device gives
    a +2 bonus to a specific use.
    A boat, for example, might
    get a +2 manoeuvre bonus
    in swamps or on fast-moving

    (Magical, non-power skill adancements)

    -Additional Capability: The magical item has an
    additional capability a normal object of its kind
    doesn’t have. Maybe a staff can transform into a bow,
    or a magic knife double as a lockpick.

    -Alternate Skill Usage: A magic bow with this
    improvement might allow Elements (Fire) to be used
    instead of Ranged Weapons to shoot arrows of fire;
    or a cloak allow the wearer to use Stealth instead of
    Athletics when dodging attacks.

    -Armed: Normally harmless items may be used as
    weapons: a magical paper fan with edges as strong
    and sharp as a sword, a ring that creates a throwing
    dagger in your hand when you speak a command
    word. Damage increases by +1 per improvement,
    though magical weapons generally use the General
    Enchantment instead (see below).

    -Armoured: Normal clothing, bracers, rings, and
    other objects can give the protection of armour, as
    well as conventional armour; the improvement can
    be taken 3 times. Buying a consequence costs ½ the
    value in improvements (so a Minor consequence
    costs 1 improvement, a Major costs 2, a Severe costs
    3, etc). For 2 improvements, you may increase the
    armour’s damage reduction by 1.

    -Rugged: The item can’t be harmed by most ordinary
    means: a rugged magic mirror can’t be broken, a
    rugged magic rope never breaks. While the item itself
    may be invulnerable, it gives no protection to its
    owner. Rugged acts like an aspect, and may be tagged
    if the item’s durability is important.

    -Miniaturization: A Medium (scale 3) or Large (scale
    4) item like a sailing ship or mansion is reduced to
    the size of a large chest (scale 1 or 2), or a Small (scale
    2) item like a horse or suit of armour to pocket-size
    (scale 0). A second point reduces a Large (scale 4) or
    Medium (scale 3) object to pocket-size (scale 0).

    -Maximization: Each improvement allows the item
    to grow an additional scale point on command, or to
    affect an additional larger scale than normal.

    -General Enchantment (Craftsmanship): A +1
    bonus to a non-power skill; a +1 sword or Boots
    of Stealth are common examples. Many magical
    item improvements (below) are also General

    -Specific Enchantment (Upgrade): Limited +2
    non-power skill bonuses, such as a +2 Goblin-slayer
    Sword against goblins and related creatures, or a +2
    Helmet of Mind Shielding against magical mind-read
    or mind-control attempts.

    -Special Effect: Unique powers such as armour that
    floats instead of sinking, or a wand that randomly
    teleports its user a short distance.

    (Magical power advancements)
    Magical items may also be created with the
    following, specifically magical improvements. Items
    such as talismans and magical inscriptions use only these

    -Power Skill: The item has a specific power skill at
    Mediocre (+0), giving non-magic users a basic ability
    to use the power. This costs 2 improvements.

    -Power Stunt: The item can use a particular power
    stunt; it must already have the requisite power skill.

    -Power Battery: The item contains constantly
    regenerating magical power. Once per scene, the
    wielder may add +2 shifts to any successful power
    skill use; once per day, he may add +1 spin to any
    successful power skill use. At the Story Teller’s
    discretion, the wielder may use the daily power to
    regenerate any Composure stress damage caused by
    spell failure, if those rules are used (see “Weaknesses
    and Limitations” on page 171).

    -Intelligent: The magical item is intelligent; perhaps
    it’s possessed by a ghost, or contains a bound demon
    or elemental (see “Bound Creatures” below for
    more). Maybe the item gained sentience itself, or
    maybe it’s a conduit to another being controlling it.
    The item may follow directions (if it chooses), and
    has its own Composure stress, desires, and agendas.
    You may spend improvements to buy companion
    advancements for the item.

    -Pre-casting: Enables the user to perform a
    manoeuvre to build up a store of power before using
    a power skill. The user gains a +1 on all Prepared
    Casting attempts (see page 174).

    -Power Tap: Once per day a wielder with the Power
    Drain stunt (see page 120) may tap the power in the
    magical item instead of himself as a free action. This
    damages the magical item accordingly for the rest
    of that day; the wielder doesn’t suffer any damage,
    and any consequences incurred by the item may be
    tagged as usual.

    -Extend Range: The base range for all your powers is
    increased by 1 zone.

    -Multi-target: Your powers may affect 1 additional

    -Monstrous Target: Your powers may affect 1
    additional scale; this costs 2 improvements.

    - Extend Duration: You may increase the duration of
    your power use by 2 steps on the Time Increments
    Table (page 178).

    -Augment Alteration: All power use to create or
    suppress aspects gets a +1 bonus.

    -Augment Attack: All offensive power use gets a +1

    -Countermagic: All power use to block or defend
    against magic gets a +1 bonus.

    -Power Amplifier: The user gets a +1 bonus to all uses
    of a specific power skill; this costs 2 improvements.

    -Backfire Shield: For each improvement, you can
    ignore 1 shift of failure when determining the results
    of limitations like Backlash and Burnout (page 173)
    from any power use. So, for 2 improvements you
    only suffer Backlash (etc) if you fail a power skill
    check by 3 points or more.

    -Subtle Casting: All your power use is +1 difficulty to


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    Re: Weapons Mods

    Post  Phill on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:34 pm

    I'm not sure if it's been done, but ask the more mechanically minded players and see if they've spent more than one Stunt on the same weapon, making a super-weapon essentially.

    I don't think I said it was illegal... but that doesn't mean much.

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    Re: Weapons Mods

    Post  Cathetel on Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:05 pm

    Thank you so so much, this is just what I needed!

    Since my bow is pretty superduper already I don't know if I'll burn two stunts on it because that will essentially give it NINE abilities....

    ...Who am I kidding, I'm gonna give this thing the ability to shoot planets. At people. To shoot planets made of middle fingers at people.

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    Re: Weapons Mods

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