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    Anja's Secret Files - The Others


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    Anja's Secret Files - The Others Empty Anja's Secret Files - The Others

    Post  Phill on Thu May 24, 2012 7:04 pm

    The last of the retrievable files from Beoloth's excursion:


    A final series of files seems to detail the plans of the other Abs and their mysterious division.

    ::Begin Audio Log::

    “Caccio and Fabrizia believe in Hildebrant’s insanity. He was there when we first divided over Lepidus’ action with the Sammaelites. If I had not gone through the Midrash Protocol I would not have believed it.”

    “Now we have an Ab who has not been subjected to Midrash. He was too young when Trondheim fell. We also face the problem of my Abessien, and some of the others, who have not received any pre-treatment. That is why I am making this log; the knowledge needs to be passed down. Midrash is the best way, directly injecting the memories of the ancient Abs into one’s mind. Wolfred, you will have to instead listen, and listen carefully.”

    --::secondary recording overlaps at this point::--

    “Do not trust Reclaire. He is the first to bear the Ab’s burden without the full knowledge of Midrash. He is not unstable – but he is not like us. Wolfred, I know you have… friends from Gaul. Do what you must to keep Reclai----“

    --::secondary recording abruptly ends::--

    “--no way to win this war. Lepidus was a fool. The Pontifex gave us the responsibility to safeguard humanity; we cannot do that by forcing the higher powers into conflict. The strategy of our Order has been to find a way to sequester this world, Gehenna, from the higher Zohar Level realms. I am sickened by the thing we have in our Himmel, but it is right. These higher powers are alien and cruel. I don’t want any part of them, and neither does humanity. We’ll find a way to cut off this place from them – forever or for a lifetime. I do not care if I have to kill ‘Angels’ to do it.”

    “Lepidus, the crazed Ab of the doomed Sammaelites, took the auspice of the Pontifex too far. He believed. He saw this as some kind of holy war. It’s not. It’s a fight for survival against an inscrutable force posing an existential threat to humanity. So, he is gone now, and the Sammaelitin with him. They are surely dead.”

    --::slight skip over corrupted files::--

    “Hildebrant lost his mind after the fall of Trondheim. All our resources were tied up there. The technology, the translational research of Zohar relics, the Midrash Protocol… We became fated to fail since then. In his madness he has hatched a scheme to ‘save’ mankind: The Ark.”

    “A plan is insane if the basic environment needed for success is utterly impossible. The schematics require a theoretically unquantifiable Duroc Sea of Anti-Zohar emanation. Math does not respond to prayers, old man!
    ::brief laughter interruption – forced at first, but then pained and crazed::
    The Ark cannot be created because the materials necessary don’t down-fold into this world. Even if it could be constructed, how would you propagate the M-Class Transubstantiation outside of the Duroc anchoring? False hope, that’s all it is. False hope.”

    “We’ll never see the ‘Garden’. All we have is this Hell.”

    ::End Audio Log::

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