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    Diary of Barsiel - Beoloth+Bomb = Super Effective!


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    Diary of Barsiel - Beoloth+Bomb = Super Effective! Empty Diary of Barsiel - Beoloth+Bomb = Super Effective!

    Post  Zabbaiel on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:09 pm

    From the Multi-Media Log of Barsiel, Engel of the Ramielitan:

    It has been five hours since Beoloth activated the device and all of Mount Sauvage is still in turmoil. Four city blocks were affected with the epicenter of the explosion being almost entirely wiped out. Thankfully, the weapon was activated on the top floor or else I am 76% certain a third of the city would have burned down. I would say Baal’s experiment was quite effective. It is nice to finally see some of his work in action. I had been eager to find out what kind of Ramielite he was since he arrived, but he has spent so much time on the Himmell that I haven’t been able to gauge his expertise. I see now why Loth favors him. They will certainly make crafty, intelligent children.

    I believe that this incident may pose several problems for the relationship between the Fellowship of Adam and the Church. I do not believe that this “Ashen” will ever be made public knowledge so we will ultimately take the “wrap” for this. Thankfully we have Michaelites to smooth this over. I know that Layliel can take care of this, but there is always Quo- I lOvE pEaNuT bUtTeR pAnCaKeS!@#@#@#@21312323

    //ERROR 913 – Immediate System Shut Down

    Unfortunately, a side effect of this whole test was that Beoloth died. He was a nice guy, and those kinds of people are always useful. I wonder if this was part of Baal’s initial calculations. Baal appears to not mind these kinds of sacrifices and Beoloth does seem like the type in retrospect. It is not a sustainable battle strategy, but the numbers were quickly converging to a 0% success rate so I will not “look a gift horse in the mouth”. Beoloth’s death does present another query though, what did Kreutz do to these boys? He must heavily promote self-sacrifice to obtain ones ultimate goal. Serrathal died for knowledge and Beoloth died to protect his fellowship. I wonder what kind of aberration Baal is in Kreutz’s training regime? I wonder what Iridiel will die for?

    Hopefully he will not die anytime soon because Loth is ecstatic. Her new “guinea pig” is lying on her slab right now and she is all smiles. Loth was never too fond of Beoloth to begin with so this is sort of a “twofer” for her. She did not like all the chaos he brought to the operation. Plus I think all the time spent with Baal may have colored her opinions as well. Loth keeps on shaking this jar with Beoloth’s ashes at Iridiel and saying, “We are going to have sooooo much fun soon!” I think she is in love.

    My experiments are, however, going rather poorly. My experiment on my hypothesis that Girls + Jealousy + Manipulation = Fidelity did not result as expected. I believe I did not account for how willful Zabbaiel was. I think she may have actually initiated a counterattack. I wonder if this was due to my arrogance or my enemy’s interference. Well, Schaliel is a nice boy. I think I will make him my control group and compare results. He was very sweet at the Valentine’s Day dance and observed many dating customs that pleased me. I will master this in the end. I will not be defeated.

    Defeated… we were so “damn” close. And… she was just smiling… a “damn” bloody fanged smile… I do not know how Zabbaiel survived it. She was right next to Beoloth and he was just screaming for everybody to leave and she just stood there… with those hollow eyes… the eyes of death. She was much bigger than usual this time. I think I was correct when I hypothesized that holding the Beast in would not make it go away. It would just make it that much stronger when it emerged again. The side effects are worse too. She was completely comatose for two hours afterwards. She has been vomiting blood since she came back. Some of it hers, some of it… She does not remember everything. I told her that she saw me threatened so she had to turn into the Beast. I think that made her feel better. I have not seen her smile at me like that since my successful kitchen experiment. The worst part is that I think the voices are back. I told her that it will take all of my skill to get her back to normal after this.

    She said, “Don’t worry. I have a plan.”

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