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    Raining, so must get inside. My fingers hurt, but I have an apple! I like apples. The Costas won't let me sleep in the stable again, so I'll have to find some sort of cover. An outcropping near the Church! I've used it before. I rush through the square, past the fountain, past Mean ole Moretti's bakery. Finally, I'm safe until the rains calm down.

    Yay, no rain! Yay, apple!

    It's a little rotten, but it's a better find than what I usually get. Mmm. Wish I had more, I should save some. I'm sad now. Some yelling inside, I don't like yelling =(

    There's a loud noise as someone exits the Church. I huddle up so they don't see me, the acolytes here often make fun of me. Please don't see me, please don't see me, please don't-

    "Boy, what are you doing?"

    "I had an apple" Please don't let him yell at me.

    "Where are your parents?"
    The man was big, dark, a solid giant of black metal and an angry face.

    "They left me" I didn't know when or why.."The Costas took care of me since I was a baby, but when Mama Costa died, Papa Costa said I couldn't stay there anymore."

    "You're not seriously considering what I think you are...are you, Felix?"
    Another giant! Not as scary, but there were two.
    "Quiet, Umfridus. This one is weak, but he will fulfill our quota. He's better off, anyways." I don't want to be a quota Sad

    "Come, little one. Come with me to Roma Æturna."

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