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    Anja's Secret Files - The Brightstars


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    Anja's Secret Files - The Brightstars Empty Anja's Secret Files - The Brightstars

    Post  Phill on Thu May 24, 2012 7:00 pm

    Another series of files, slightly jumbled, details the mysterious Brightstars.

    << As Mich/Raph/Url/Sam emit high Zohar levels, Gab produce an equivalent anti-level.
    Conclusion: Helel-Emim’s blood is causation.
    Hypothesis: Increase production-synthesis ratio to maximum levels.
    Outcome: Upregulated anti-levels >>

    I have come across an interesting side effect of the Brightstar Project. We have long had in our possession ::REDACTED:: Crowns. We have been unable to test their properties except with a few sacrificial Baptists and some heretics who display disconcerting powers. Hildebrant had some files from long ago that indicated some “spiritual” relics interact equally with Zohar and Anti-Zohar subjects, though not with the typical baseline human [Zohar Neutral]. This seems to be true, as P-Crown has been successfully integrated into Brightstar Test-Type [alef]. I have authorized integration of ::REDACTED prefix and number:: Crowns through Test-Type [zayin].

    With the loss of Trondheim’s nanofactory, the projected number of Engel will drop precipitously. This benefits our ultimate goal, but the Engel are still needed in the meantime. The Immaculate Initiative from the Ram/Rag partnership has been restarted, but gestation brings about nearly 99.9% failure. Hildebrant believes this is because of the extreme nanotech needed to create a fully formed Engel from scratch. I have commissioned a simpler approach – just create children. We can modify them when their bodies are strong enough, as we have done for centuries. There are no ethics when dealing with an existential threat.

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