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    For my duty to Malkuth, I must go forward. Systems are running within normal parameters. The path of my footsteps shall be Yesod. Zohar bond is holding at 5%. Every strike of my blade shall shine with Hod. Samson’s Jawbone is charged to 100% and fully operational. The fatal blow, Netzach. Zohar bond now rising to 25%. I shall preserve Tifereth in this World and Beyond. Systems are now outside of allowable fluctuations. I am filled with Chesed, but not for the Outsider. Initiate Elijah procedure. Have ArchEngel on standby. I am guided by Chokhmah, my actions are His will. Zohar bond is rising to 50%. Elijah procedure has failed. Initiate Enoch procedure. I have found Binah in all things, the mysteries of Shevirah and Tikun lay open before me. Zohar bond is rising to 75%. Enoch procedure has failed. Reverse Terrestrialization is imminent. Activate nearest ArchEngel Azrael. My cause is Gevurah. I am the Lawbringer. Azrael is unresponsive! Warning! All personal evacuate! Jacob’s Ladder phenomenon has occurred. Death to the Infidel.

    DATE – May 6, 2544
    TIME – 3:00 AM
    LOCATION – Roma Aeterna

    Breakthrough! It has taken quite some time and more risk than I cared to expose myself to, but my espionage has paid off! I have figured out that the Ashen’s eventual destination based off of his departure course from Frieburg was Tel Meggido. A historical search indicated that this plays an important role in the Apocalypse, but more importantly some of my colleagues from Trondheim have confirmed that Van de Graaf monitoring equipment has been shipped to this location to study existing conditions! Considering all of the Higgs Boson terminology in the missives I have stolen during the course of the Zohar project, I can surmise that pure science can actually produce a permanent connection to one of the other worlds. Perhaps even all of the worlds! This must be some form of advanced quantum entanglement that the Ramielites use in the Cathedral of Thought. To think I wasted all my years on the Urielietan Holy Beast/Phanuel Chain of Progression Degradation conundrum when I could be hardwiring Engel to heaven! I should take a step back, however. There is an extreme issue with controlling this seemingly unlimited font of power. The Raphaelite that got away, her name was Beoloth. I finally obtained her service record. It was tarnished, but not in the way I have come to expect of Engel. She consistently disobeyed orders whenever they seemed to offend her compassionate sensibilities. The rest of the Frieburg fellowship displayed the Engel’s usual penchant for selfishness and delusion. This purity must have been the “Ohr” the Ashen spoke of. I believe this concept is intrinsically wrapped up with both the Ashen’s power and mental state. I cannot research this subject any further under that watch of the Church. I have grown weary at seeing the word “redacted” appear on my screen.

    Wait. What is that noise? The containment system has begun to fail. It has begun to awaken. No, I have to-

    *End of Line*

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