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    Iridiel Q&A


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    Iridiel Q&A

    Post  Iridiel on Thu May 24, 2012 1:16 pm

    Q: Iridiel, why do act without thinking?
    A: I believe what I'm doing is right, and what is best for my fellowship.
    Q: But why?
    A: I often believe I am the will of God made manifest. My actions are what he would have wanted. It's true that most people disagree or disprove of them, but in my heart I am channeling the decisions of God. I have my doubts, however...

    Q: Iridiel, why are you pursuing Claudia?
    A: She's devout to her faith, regardless of the Church politics. She truly believes.
    Q: Really? I mean...You've encountered other faithful people and THEY aren't all pregnant.
    A: Umm...She's really pretty, and I may have developed a teacher crush. I am 16, after all.

    Q: Iridiel, why did you kill fellow Engel?
    A: My view of the world was skewed by the Church. I imagined I was infected with Dreamseed, as was Deliel. I tried to cure her, tried to show her we were in it together. She attacked me, I let my poor judgement get the better of me. Pyriel is a living reminder that I can never do that again.
    Q: And the pregnant heretic woman you SAVED?
    A: She was a loose end, my fellowship looked down on me for saving her. I wanted to grant her mercy from an execution, but they shunned me. I just wanted my fellowship to love me again, to look upon me as I look upon them...
    Q: But why the poster Engel?
    A: They were interfering with my task, with my fellowship. They...felt threatening. What I actually felt was the threat of the Urielite fellowship. I just want to become a true Angel, to be a true instrument of God.

    Q: Why do you want to become an Angel?
    A: I don't want to be a blasphemy in the eyes of God and his Holy Beasts. I don't mind being a blasphemy in the eyes of the Church, as they have corrupted his vision.
    Q: But why?
    A: Initially, I acted without fear of the consequences because I felt he was on my side. Now, I feel abandoned. I wish to submit myself to a higher cause, but now that cause directly conflicts with the ones I love. It even seeks to undo humanity as a whole. I'm torn between serving God and serving Man. Why can't I love both, why can't both exist? If I were to ascend and become a true Angel, who would I serve?

    Q: But you said you wished to fulfill the Will of God, why are you so scared?
    A: I don't want to lose my own free will.
    Q: But why?
    A: Years ago, I truly thought I was fulfilling his Will, but it was really my own. Have I really done such terrible things? Would he have me do worse things to my brothers and sisters? I can not bear witness to suffering I can not control.

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