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    Anja's Secret Files - Part 1


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    Anja's Secret Files - Part 1  Empty Anja's Secret Files - Part 1

    Post  Phill on Wed May 23, 2012 6:48 pm

    Beoloth entered the Gabrielite Ab’s offices, moving quickly between the suites and through the manuscript-illumination areas. He only paused to briefly admire the anatomical correctness of some battle diagrams that were left out. The Gabrielites sure knew how to draw a detailed body, even though the art was only there to show where to cut and hack.

    As he pushed into the inner sanctum he noticed a remarkable change in the décor. Nuremberg is a place of cold stone, designed to be more imposing. It’s practically medieval. Not Anja’s private rooms and offices. They were alive; glowing with soft blue light from thousands of machina. There was too much information to take in at first. Strange lines and colored bars arced across some of the “screens” (as he thinks they were called) and fluctuated moment to moment. Some machina displayed visions of other areas. Still more just had confusing screeds of numbers and letters in some non-Latin language.

    Beoloth quickly realized that he couldn’t just grab a convenient scroll or parchment and leave. Desperation set in as he saw a projection of the battle raging outside the city. There was a massive – bigger than any he’d ever seen! – Beetle Dreamseed carrying off thousands of people from the Camps. They were scooped up from the ground by filaments of prayer strips exuded from the Beetle’s shell. He also saw the panic in Nuremberg caused by this news. A million people rushed in terror, trampling each other to get to safety.

    Schaliel seemed to be fighting… Shiniel? There was black flame meeting white, causing massive distortion on the video feeds. Somewhere in the background he could barely see Iridiel, with Dreamseed wings, fending off a trio of Black Engel.

    Worst of all, Anja herself had just appeared. She fell from the sky on a burning chariot of fire pulled by 5 elder Gabrielites, incinerating a whole section of the camp on her arrival. Cathetel faced off against her bravely, but dropped to one knee after Anja said one word.

    No time! He turned away from the screens and focused on Anja’s study. There had to be a place where she kept her communications. Beoloth remembered Serrathaal had once said “The files are inside the computer.” So, flexing his powerful muscles, Beoloth ripped the most important looking machina straight off the desk.


    Beoloth stares at sad looking computer, all crushed up and busted. The various Ramielites had tried to repair it, but the technology is beyond them. The Raguelites could fix it, but they’re gone. Beoloth idly doodles the parts, cataloging them so he can try to find replacements in the Breisgau Warket. There’s a little tubey thing, a gold and green square thing, a fan, a tiny notched rectangle…

    Oh! That’s it. He flies off to find Maroth.
    ::Conversation Redacted::

    --Power On
    //overwriteOS y/n
    D:> recovery in progress
    ::A strange set of graphics pops up on Maroth’s device. They are audio, video and document files, all related to the goals of the Abs. It’s all out of order, from many different years, and some parts are missing::

    Anja (to Reclaire): I found the private recordings of my predecessor. Our assumptions on the G-Wide Zohar level are correct. If it increases we’ll be vulnerable to a direct attack. Helel-Emim-

    Reclaire: You mean “N-01”.
    ::He looks at her with great seriousness and concern::

    Anja: Yes, N-01. He… It, is emanating an Anti-Zohar effect. There was proof at Trondheim before it fell. Our course is clear. We must eradicate everything in this world that emits Zohar-positive fields. N-01 is not to be trusted until that measure is complete. He cannot act against his own interest if freed, and will still work to break the 7th Seal.

    Reclaire: So, let me get this straight: we need to wipe out all the Dreamseed, the mysterious heretics who preach the “Recovenant”, Raphael and Phanuel, probably the Pontifex-

    Anja: Correct-

    Reclaire: AND then the Engel. I have my doubts on that.

    Anja: They must die as well. They have all been created to resonate with Zohar mechanics. They are all capable of M-Class Transubstantiation. They are products of Angel-synthesis. Every single one of them endangers the world through their mere presence. If they are gone, and all the other obstacles too, then the G-Wide Zohar level will fall. With the N-Series’ Anti-Zohar effect, even the background level will eventually become undetectable. All the Pre-Flood Seals will be reestablished. There will be no more threat to our world.

    Reclaire: But we’d have to share it with… them. The Nephilim. The other Abs will oppose us.

    Anja: Then we work alone. Better to reign in Hell than not exist at all.

    Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.
    -John Milton

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