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    HELEL EMIM , Sovereign of the Nephilim; Sire of Anak, Gibbor and Ziz

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Age: Dawn of Time
    Size: 1000 feet or so (Gehenna), 8 feet (Merkabah)
    Clothes: Chains
    Skin: Without Flesh, ragged muscle and exposed blood vessels
    Hair, etc: None
    Bearing: Imperious and Tortured
    Power Level: Hulk level - impossible to kill on Earth. In higher realms his potency is diminished.
    Actor: Keith David
    Physical Aspect: Tread of Doom

    Mental Description
    Loves: To spit upon the grace of the ‘Holy’; to see Man turn his back on God; to be bowed to.
    Hates: The Angels and their power over him; that he is not Loved nor can ever be Loved by God; being imprisoned; Michael; having lost his home and people; having to make a deal with smug fucking assholes to get his shitty home back; having to scheme with Men to do the same; knowing that his freedom rests in the hands of others and that he’ll never succeed by his own power.
    Fears: The destruction of the world – a failsafe possibility done by unleashing the final Plagues of God and/or the Seals and Trumpets. Yeah, it's real. Nuclear option.
    Tolerates: Having no skin.
    Amused by: Man mistreating itself by mutilating their children, making them into mockeries of the Angels, and then using them to fight the power of God. Also that his blood is in them giving them power to do so. That’s fucking hilarious.
    Goal: He was promised rule over the lowest realm (again) by Metatron in exchange for preparing it for the Pax Dei (Army of God). There is no fear of this promise being broken if his mission is achieved. If that is impossible, nothing will please him save the total ruination of Heaven out of spite, but Helel Emim forever lacks the power to do so.
    Mental Aspect: Infinite Rage

    Spiritual Description
    Emanations: None. Unable to perceive or feel the grace of the Ein Sof and its Sephira emanations. Totally outside of God's love and original creations.
    Miracles: Mighty beyond Man in the Merkahbah; physically unstoppable in the lowest realm. Nephilim get more powerful as they go down, apparently. His control/creation of fire is more a side effect of being in a realm that is still (barely) more Holy than his 0 Spiritual Level. Likewise, the Brandlands caused by the Nephilim are a reaction of the world to their unholy tread. He has supernatural control over other Nephilim as long as he's free. His Wrath (now lost) is a force of utter destruction.
    Forms: In the lowest realm he is a 1000 ft tall giant with eyes of fire. In Merkahbah he is merely a giant of a man, easily 8 ft tall and powerful. Nephilim cannot reach the realms above Merkahbah. Due to unknown reasons, he is simultaneously active in both the Merkahbah and on Earth.
    Immunities: As a giant on Earth, he is virtually immune everything. He can be stopped (but not killed) by attacks equivalent to multiple nuclear strikes. He cannot be affected by most Potestates. He does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, drink or perform any other human function. Any amount of pure Angelic or otherwise holy power seems to level the playing field. Other Nephilim are obviously weaker.
    Free Will: Limited / No. His autonomy is bound in his own nearly unbreakable behavior pattern. Can be spiritually imprisoned by higher powers without hope of reprieve.
    Associations: Mercenary Ally for Metatron and the Pax Dei; Prisoner of Michael (and the Church); Enemy of Heaven and all Angels in general.
    Power Level: On Earth, Extreme – top 3. In Merkahbah, Threatening.
    Spiritual Aspect: No Soul of Man, No Soul of Angel

    Opinions on the Powers
    Anja: The last pawn of the ‘Gabrielites’. Ha. As her predecessors heard my council, so does she. Now our plans come to fruition. She will have part of our world, when all is done.
    Lucifer: Gone is the advocate, full of cowardice no doubt! Why did you not look upon the Nephilim with the same kindness, Son of the Morning? Always unworthy and spit upon, my kinder. Woe.
    Metatron: You have always been law to us; unwelcomed and harsh. I know God sees us not, yet YOU sit in judgment and decree our fates. Now you wish to do the same for our pathetic cousins, whom you should love ::sneer::. I shall help you, Will of All, and you shall meddle with we misbegotten no more.
    Michael: HA HA HA HA. The Sword of Adonai defeated by Helel Emim! It matters not that you were wounded by Jibrael and the Pax Dei. That day, all saw that Heaven can be defied.
    Petrus Secundus: What are you? Is this why God weeps for Man? Vile schemer, I know you are not all-powerful, despite your bearing. You are no King, unlike me. You cannot bear command, and through the freedom you have granted you sow your own downfall. What idiocy is this? No plan could be so occluded and still bear fruit.
    Phanuel: Do you think I pity you because you are bound like me? Fie! Your madness would have ended my world. You make my kin seem less monstrous, yet you are still Loved by God. This is cruelty.
    Raphael: So beautiful. When you were crushed I wept tears of fire. You, Rapha-El, can look upon me with kindness, and in that reflection I see a Love that God cannot turn away. Yet you are broken now, and imprisoned by wicked Men. My RAGE toward them is unending.
    Vox: Blind, blind fool. The Will does not love you. You shall be woven into a garland as a gift to an absent God, and yet you desire this? For your sake the Word and the Light fought EVERYTHING and fell. Now you spit on their valor. I do not know whom I hate more.

    Opinions on a PC
    Maroth: Touch my Wrath and know true pain. Like a poison it will spread through your body, seep into your mind, and rot your soul. Little Man, you could be like us. You could be like us.

    Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.
    -John Milton

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