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    NPC Files - Legatus Trian


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    NPC Files - Legatus Trian Empty NPC Files - Legatus Trian

    Post  Phill on Sat May 12, 2012 12:33 am

    TRIAN , Tribune to Aurelia, Legatus of the FCS Ludus Maximus, Ramielite Templar

    Physical Description
    Sex: Female
    Age: Late 20s
    Size: Small and angular
    Clothes: Lightest possible Templar armor or just pants + blouse, spectacles
    Skin: Olive Tan
    Hair, etc: Tight short black curly-tail
    Bearing: Businesslike and Efficient
    Actor: Emily Blunt
    Physical Aspect: Mind over Matter

    Mental Description
    Loves: Moments of freedom that she engineers during the day where she has nothing at all on her schedule, so she can relax and see her small group of friends.
    Hates: Being smart. The numbers and statistics control everything, even feelings.
    Fears: A personal failure or miscalculation ruining Aurelia’s plans; talking about herself.
    Tolerates: Leviticus, since he’s been spending so much time with that weird Marie.
    Amused by: Templar and soldiers ignorantly follow seemingly meaningless orders that accomplish a major part of an unseen goal; eventually fulfilling her dream of leaving the Templars.
    Prejudice: People who do things because “it’s right”, without understanding the long-term ramifications.
    Politics: Very neutral – prefers to play the part of the Templar who follows orders. Total support for Aurelia, 0% chance of betrayal for her plans. Is slightly for the autonomy of the Fellowship of Adam, but leery.
    Level of Secret Knowledge: Supernatural – Medium High; has deduced The Secret, and filled in a lot of blanks concerning the Engel. Politics and Military – Medium High; She is Aurelia’s head intelligence advisor. She has files galore.
    Mental Aspect: Domino Effect Deduction

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: He needs to be more honest with the rest of the Fellowship. He’s found out more than he’s letting on, and intelligence wins wars. Is he selfish or stupid?
    Beoloth: I don’t trust him. He keeps compromising his own morale (on purpose?), which perpetuates a spiral of stupid heroics. Why is he visiting the Andronikos family?
    Cathetel: I love her, but God help us all, she’s not as stable as me. She and I found out the truth together, but it affects her more… and I’m not seeing any reaction. If she’s gone cold then we’re all in danger.
    Iridiel: He is a murderer and a liar. I’ll do everything I can to prevent him from harming our mission.
    Layliel: Good soldier.
    Maroth: She is the lynchpin of our plans. Luckily she’s predictable enough that I don’t have to manipulate her directly.
    Schaliel: He is surely a spy for the Church. There is no possible reason they’d let something like him out without a leash. Unless they’re more cunning than I gave them credit for…
    Zabbaiel: Her history of unilateral action is disconcerting and we can’t trust her with any high level information or tasks. She might go completely off-target.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Hildebrandt: Your hand is now forced. Our plan was your conception, but we can’t wait on you much longer. Will you go it alone or join us? Or did you never intend on saving humanity?

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