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    NPC Files - Magister Janns


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    NPC Files - Magister Janns Empty NPC Files - Magister Janns

    Post  Phill on Sat May 12, 2012 12:30 am

    JANNS , Grand Magister of FCS

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Age: Early 40s
    Size: Medium strong
    Clothes: Pimped but dignified
    Skin: Caucasian
    Hair, etc: Short brown
    Bearing: Straightbacked, darting eyes, sly smile
    Actor: Littlefinger
    Physical Aspect: Golden Touch

    Mental Description
    Loves: Art, finery and cultural things that distract him from the fact that the world is God-damned hellhole.
    Hates: Not being able to use money to solve his problems; gold can’t stop the Dreamseed, or most Engel.
    Fears: Being in a greater position of power where he’ll have people’s lives hang on his decisions.
    Tolerates: The Faith. He is a believer, but finds it mostly empty or degrading.
    Amused by: Making ridiculous stacks of cash; wheeling and dealing.
    Prejudice: [Towards] Girl Engel. They’re divinely beautiful and strong; an ultimate sexual desire for him partly out of impossibility and partly out of danger.
    Politics: Makes money for the FCS but doesn’t see himself as much of a Church official. He wants the place to be wealthy and prosperous so he can be comfortable, but also values the improvement of the common people’s lives. Anti-Fellowship of Adam because it endangers prosperity. Will potentially ‘sell out’ to a group that achieves his goals without any ill will or compunction.
    Level of Secret Knowledge: Low on Everything.
    Mental Aspect: Ignorance is Bliss

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: He is much more worldly than Serrathaal or Pyriel. I will have to extend a hand to him to see if he’ll assist in my businesses. I think he’ll take my offer.
    Beoloth: This is an Engel that brightens up our lands. His art will always have a place in my home. Now if he would only stop fucking everything else up.
    Cathetel: Beauty and innocence. She has only grown more lovely over the years, and I will convince Claudia to postpone her Purification when the time comes.
    Iridiel: He’s changed recently, but I still don’t like him. He’s the outsider of the Fellowship, and everyone can see that.
    Layliel: She alone makes me a man of faith, but what I wouldn’t give to blaspheme. Still, I must be cautious and playful; she has miracles that will unmake me if I am too serious. Then again, she and I are very close…
    Maroth: A wonderful sight to see from many angles – but I don’t want to look down the edge of her Flaming Sword. I keep myself away from her.
    Schaliel: Wonderful, now the Church will pay more attention to the Freiburg City State. There is nothing to be done about that, so I bear no malice toward the child. Still, it’s annoying, and so is he by extension.
    Zabbaiel: Holy God on High, she murdered Lucrette. I will smile and nod nicely when she is around. Urielitin can smell fear, can’t they? Oh God, please save me from your wrathful Messenger.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Barsiel: ::just staring::

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