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    NPC Files - Bishop Claudia


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    NPC Files - Bishop Claudia Empty NPC Files - Bishop Claudia

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    CLAUDIA , Gabrielite Bishop of FCS

    Physical Description
    Sex: Female
    Age: Early 30s
    Size: Tall and thin
    Clothes: Appropriate black-trimmed bishop robes
    Skin: Germanic Caucasian
    Hair, etc: Long and beautifully gold, parted down the middle
    Bearing: Lovely but seeking approval
    Actor: Cameron Diaz
    Physical Aspect: Holy Beauty

    Mental Description
    Loves: The Engel and all the dogma concerning kindness to children.
    Hates: Having lost all her friends to political cockery, not having kids.
    Fears: The consolidation of Briesgau will make FCS less holy/more secular.
    Tolerates: Pretty much everything potentially annoying from the Church, like taxes, Grimriders, Malleus investigations, etc.
    Amused by: Heretics and heresy; it’s obvious that the Church is correct. They will be shown the error of their ways.
    Prejudice: Non-Holy administrative members of the Church, like the Magisters and Mayors. They have too much power and influence, but are not necessarily the most faithful.
    Politics: Church supporter, obviously. Specifically down with the Holy-on-top hierarchy currently going on. Oddly, she totally supports the separation of the Fellowship of Adam from the Church, but suffers major cognitive dissonance when she realizes that the FCS Engel are now not really part of the Freiburg church. Her goal is the build-up of FCS to staggering recognition, for an unknown reason.
    Level of Secret Knowledge: Supernatural – Medium; knows about some ArchEngel weirdness, Engel Control Words and their life cycle, but not The Secret. Military – Medium-Low; Good local knowledge and connections with Aurelia. Political – High; She was appointed Bishop of FCS for a reason.
    Mental Aspect: Anti-Politics Field

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: The gift of the Ramielites shows just how important Freiburg is. He will have to be purified after his plans are fully drawn up, but it is such an honor to have him here.
    Beoloth: I was originally worried about having a convicted Engel in my city, but he is very kind and popular with the people.
    Cathetel: She has worked dutifully to make Freiburg safe and happy, so I will do the same for her. I know what it’s like to lose all your friends.
    Iridiel: He’s a bit confused about some of the holy teachings, but that’s why Engel aren’t priests. It’s very cute in a way. At least he’s earnest about his faith.
    Layliel: I thank god every day that she is here. Without her stern leadership I would be overwhelmed by these precious Engel.
    Maroth: One of the rare Gabrielitin that is as good at leading as following. She has truly understood the meaning of God Sending the Engel to us, and I support her.
    Schaliel: I’ll just ignore all these commands from Nuremberg. Schaliel is mine.
    Zabbaiel: I never wanted to know the Words of Peace for any Engel, but after reading Lucrette’s secret files, perhaps it is best to tread lightly around Zabbaiel and be prepared.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Wolfred: Don’t think that I’ve forgotten what you did to Marie. She was my best friend, and you took her away from us! We may be working together, but you’ll receive no kindness from me. Soon I’ll be powerful enough to find her again.
    Trian: Oh, so that’s where you are. Are you just ignoring me, or has becoming a Templar changed something about you? Please talk to me…

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    NPC Files - Bishop Claudia Empty Re: NPC Files - Bishop Claudia

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    NPC Files - Bishop Claudia Empty Re: NPC Files - Bishop Claudia

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    Mawww I <3 Clauds! /)^3^(\

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    NPC Files - Bishop Claudia Empty Re: NPC Files - Bishop Claudia

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