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    NPC FIles - Zadkiel


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    NPC FIles - Zadkiel Empty NPC FIles - Zadkiel

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    ZADKIEL , Raphaelitin, the Black Hand

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Size: Medium and lean muscles
    Clothes: Unique Raphaelitin robes made for kung-fu, black trim
    Skin: Tan, with whitened lips
    Hair: Black and super-duper long (Sephiroth-style)
    Eyes: Yellow-Brown
    Wings: White
    Tattoos: Starts just below the neckline, spreading across torso with thin lines on each fingertip
    Fighting and Action: Graceful kung-fu, since it only takes a touch to kill. Kung-fu spear if airborn.
    Actor: Brandon Lee
    Physical Aspect: Dust to Dust

    Mental Description
    Loves: The beautiful fragility of all living things; so much effort is put into living, whereas death is so easy.
    Hates: The Lord of the Flies and his Dreamseed, as they exist opposite to the Engel – only destroying and ravaging rather than saving and protecting.
    Fears: That the Grey Path will become dominant and wipe out the White and Black. Raphaelitin need the division, because in that division between extremes their true holiness is seen.
    Tolerates: Most suffering and human hardship; very Buddhist.
    Amused by: Urielitin. See, one time he traveled outside the Himmel to do good works and he landed in a town. They asked him for healing, but he could not heal them. Instead he killed all the bandits and Dreamseed in the area. As he was about to leave a Urielitin landed, and the people asked her to heal them. Zadkiel then realized that people don’t really know the differences between the Engel (which emphasized his potential Fears). The Urielitin layed her hands on the people and said they were healed, smiled at Zadkiel, and flew off with her messages. The Black Hand has found the Urielitin hilarious and wise since then.
    Prejudice: Gabrielitin, because they are constantly incredulous about the capabilities of the Raphaelitin, and the Black Path in particular.
    Quirk: Despite his love of the fragility of life, he can do nothing to directly save it. He often euthanizes those with incurable problems, thinking it’s for the best.
    Mental Aspect: Wisdom of Death

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: You’re only delaying the inevitable. We must all die or return home, and your cowardice toward these eventualities only brings you further down to this World.
    Beoloth: Yes, you have a pragmatic point concerning the usefulness of our miracles when used together. You are dead wrong about the hope it brings people. By being Black there is White, and White is what humanity needs.
    Cathetel: I have seen humans doing this ::mimics a hug:: when their friends or loved ones are hurt. She needs a this ::mimics again::. I will do that when I see her, because she knows, just like me, that she can only help by hurting others.
    Iridiel: I have heard some disturbing stories about his methods and philosophy. He needs to ignore Beoloth and chose the path that will redeem him.
    Layliel: Foolish. She must learn two hard things: she has the responsibility to order Life or Death, and yet the sin or blessing lies on the hand that deals it, not her. She can ruin the souls of her Fellowship.
    Maroth: A Gabrielitin. What more needs be said?
    Schaliel: When they are youngest they are at their best. Yet I see no hope for this one as long as the Grey Hand guides him – he shall be like all the others.
    Zabbaiel: You can tell that she knows she’s fading fast. Will she accept that like her mentor, or cower like Baal?

    Opinions on an NPC
    Solomon: I do not know much of the Baptists, but when the head of their sect here at Grantinople left there was a great disturbance in the Engel. Now they consult me more frequently and our younger Brothers and Sisters are less stable. He was truly a holy man, then, and I would have words with him concerning his abandonment.

    Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.
    -John Milton

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