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    NPC Files - Councilwoman Ebba


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    NPC Files - Councilwoman Ebba Empty NPC Files - Councilwoman Ebba

    Post  Phill on Mon May 07, 2012 9:54 pm

    Finally, E&E get some development!

    EBBA , Breisgau Councilwoman, FCS Founding Council

    Physical Description
    Sex: Female
    Age: Late 30s
    Size: Medium
    Clothes: Pants, boots, baggy shirt in Junklord style
    Skin: Caucasian
    Hair, etc: Brown, tight ponytail
    Bearing: Hasty and take-charge
    Actor: Young Sigourney Weaver
    Physical Aspect: Files on Hand

    Mental Description
    Loves: Organized and useful data-points and files; tech that helps with that.
    Hates: People asking for explanations of her orders that they won’t be able to understand.
    Fears: The anti-machina and anti-intellectual doctrines of the Church.
    Tolerates: Breisgau people starting to believe in the Faith.
    Amused by: Ramielites and ironic Church-Tech-Education hypocrisies.
    Prejudice: Holy Church officials, Claudia.
    Politics: Feels as though the FCS merge was do-or-die, literally. Very worried about a down the road crusade, but is pleased that quality of life improvements are being made to both places.
    Level of Secret Knowledge: No secret knowledge.
    Mental Aspect: IT Can Solve This

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: It’s obvious that his schematics are not what he says they are. Oddly, this makes me trust him.
    Beoloth: He’s a weird one. I can’t tell if he’s trying to convert us or not.
    Cathetel: We used to be so afraid of her spying on us. Ada says we can trust her. She seems so normal…
    Iridiel: I like the healing “miracles”, but he needs to shut the FUCK UP about his faith. It’s sick, annoying, and dangerous.
    Layliel: I still remember when she first showed up. She’s the first one going down if it comes to that.
    Maroth: She keeps her distance, which is perfect.
    Schaliel: Another one? Damn it all…
    Zabbaiel: She’s been straight with us, and I respect her. She won’t let anything happen to Breisgau, but she won’t be around forever.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Joseph: He’s the perfect example of how our two cultures can work together. He’s kind and faithful, but he upholds the law impartially and isn’t up in people’s face. I should invite him to dinner.

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