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    NPC Files - Primarch Heiner


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    NPC Files - Primarch Heiner Empty NPC Files - Primarch Heiner

    Post  Phill on Mon May 07, 2012 9:47 pm

    HEINER , Gabrielite Monastic, Primarch of St Georg, FCS

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Age: Early 40s
    Size: Preposterous
    Clothes: Simple black robes
    Skin: Caucasian Farmer
    Hair, etc: Short brown
    Bearing: Jovial and full of bonecrushing hugs
    Actor: Prime of life Arnold
    Physical Aspect: Strongest One There Is

    Mental Description
    Loves: The weak and meek realizing that they are strong and capable. Helping people achieve that.
    Hates: Bullies and senseless violence (Dreamseed).
    Fears: The Order of Georg being too Templar/Knight ‘let’s fight monsters and forget the common man and charity’-like.
    Tolerates: Prior Isolde. They made up, and she is a very useful ally.
    Amused by: People trying to use brains or diplomacy in a situation that honestly requires muscles.
    Prejudice: The Breisgau Council. They stymie his Georg monks who are just trying to help (from his point of view).
    Politics: Church supporter, obviously. Wants to convert non-believers, destroy Dreamseed and violent heretics. Generally peaceful and believes in the unity of the whole system of Orders. Non-partisan.
    Level of Secret Knowledge: Supernatural – Medium Low, knows about some ArchEngel weirdness and some of the stranger parts of Engel nature, but not The Secret. All Others – Low (sub-Bishop level). He’ll know more later after Georg grows.
    Mental Aspect: Man of Virtue

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: The holy brain muscles of the Ramielitin will make the FCS healthy and powerful! He’s very big for an Engel, too, so I like him.
    Beoloth: It’s a great honor for our City-State to have the Grey Hand! He is a shining example to all Raphaelitin about using their miracles to both help the weak and punish the wicked.
    Cathetel: YAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ::bearhug of Georg::
    Iridiel: He is a holy being indeed! I hope he leads our people to greater piety.
    Layliel: Hrrm. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but she is cunning and powerful. Much respect.
    Maroth: This. THIS – is an Engel. All glory be to Maroth!
    Schaliel: A gift from the Church! He is an icon that will shine brightly for all to see! Kinda small, though.
    Zabbaiel: Without Zabbaiel we would be nothing. She is truly the Engel of Georg. Hallelujah.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Aurelia: You are a holy warrior, no doubt, and I like you. Still, do not be blinded by vengeance. You’re surrounded by enemies both inside and out, and you shouldn’t push yourself to self-destruction. The Order of Georg will not be like your Templars. Oh, and I demand a rematch! I’ve been training.

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