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    Define Yourself


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    Define Yourself

    Post  Iridiel on Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:48 pm

    Phil once asked me to do this for my own character. Try filling it out yourself and post it!

    Mental Description:
    Loves -
    Likes -
    Tolerates -
    Finds Amusing -
    Dislikes and Avoids -
    Dislikes and Confronts -
    Hates -
    Prejudice against (Order) -
    Illogical Hypocrisy -

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings -
    Fighting and Combat -
    Male or Female -
    Tattoos -
    Additional Weirdness -

    Political Description:
    Master Plan -
    Ignores -
    Weakness in Plan -

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Iridiel on Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:59 pm

    Mental Description: Slightly disturbed. Shy and kind, but vengeful and (somewhat) articulate when distressed or upset
    Loves - God, Angels, being clean, Dreamseed, his Fellowship, Apollo, Beauty, Mercy
    Likes - Claudia, Pyriel, knowledge, wine
    Tolerates - Iodoth, the Church (until recently)
    Finds Amusing - small animals, mostly cats. England
    Dislikes and Avoids - Ab Fabriccia (sp?)-Raphaelitin Ab
    Dislikes and Confronts - the Recovenant, perversions of faith, including the Church
    Hates - Ignorance, ugliness, oppression
    Fears- God
    Prejudice against (Order) - None.
    Illogical Hypocrisy - I always tell the truth, but I always lie.

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - White, White, Red, White
    Fighting and Combat - Support, Heals emotionally and physically injured, Imbues Fellowship with Strength, Agility, Sexual Prowess
    Male or Female - Definitely Male
    Tattoos - Visible only on his hands and fingertips, he's mostly covered up my his acolyte's robe with a high collar
    Additional Weirdness - The seed is strong.

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - Ascendency to become a True Angel. Reform the Church and start a New World Order that doesn't pervert the Faith, dealing with Gnosticism
    Ignores - All efforts to conceal his true objective
    Weakness in Plan - This will likely piss off a whole bunch of people.

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Cathetel on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:41 pm

    Whee! Let's give this a try!

    Mental Description: Unstable, but putting on a happy face. ISFJ
    Loves - Flight, the rare sunlight, nature, peace, Schaliel, Iadoth, Maroth, Beoloth, Zabbaiel, Pyriel, Quoriel, Hayael
    Likes - Quiet, children, people in general, sweets, physical work, Layliel, Ossiel, Gloriel, Tyriel, Aurelia, Trein, Leviticus, the Templars,
    Tolerates - A lot. Mostly her new fellowship. Baal, Claudia, following orders, the Pontifex
    Finds Amusing - Maroth and Tyriel, as a pair. Iadoth, Schaliel, trick archery, her bow
    Dislikes and Avoids - Confrontation, talking about herself, Church officials, the Grimriders, politics, the fact that what the gnostics speak of seems right
    Dislikes and Confronts - Anyone messing with her fellowship/loved ones. Those who do harm to others unjustly, Dreamseed, the Urielite Deathwind
    Hates - Feeling so empty and purposeless. Being alone within a group. Not being good enough, redundant. Being so emotionally raw, and having to put on the happy mask, Iridiel, the lies of the church
    Fears- Everyone she cares about dying, the Church, the Nephilhim, the world ending, her past, Zabbaiel.
    Prejudice against (Raphaelites) - They're useful sometimes?
    Illogical Hypocrisy – Wants to be loved, but is oblivious when she is. Longs for simple human life, but loves being engel. Has seen the holy, but doesn’t believe in God.

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - Bronze skin (think very lightly tanned), very long auburn hair usually braided down her back, yellow eyes, large light brown wings with an off-white band across the primary flight feathers
    Fighting and Combat - Ranged specialty, usually calm under fire. In melee, she is unskilled but learning and carries a dagger/ utility knife. Will sometimes enter a rage-state during battle.
    Male or Female - So, so female. Look at all the female-ness.
    Tattoos - Bands around her upper arms and thighs with some offshoot lines over hips and torso, some over her eyebrows that she tends to keep covered with her bangs.
    Additional Weirdness - Her bow, The Lionheared, that is basically just the grip with a fancy lion detail, works in conjunction with her archery glove to fire PURE FORCE. It has also been revealed that this force is able to take some things piggyback, such as her blood or even lightning. Also, she seems to glow to a certain crowd.

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - Find a way to definitively expose what the church does to children, and to live a simple life.
    Ignores - What this might mean for the future of Engel, and that because of what she is living a simple life is not really a possibility.
    Weakness in Plan - It isn't much of a plan, and she may not be strong enough in personality or will power to pull it off.

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  laylial on Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:55 pm

    Mental Description:INTP
    Loves -Fellowship, the blue skies over Roma Aeterna, Sister Magdol
    Likes - the good church people of Freiburg, successful missions, tormenting little engel and cowardly people, peace and quiet
    Tolerates - Kreutz, Magister Janns, Bishop Claudia, most church officials, Pontifex Maximus
    Finds Amusing -long-winded speeches by fallen foes, Iadoth's fear of her, racist jokes about Greeks or Spaniards
    Dislikes and Avoids- chastising her fellowship, other Michaelite engel
    Dislikes and Confronts-People disrespecting her or her fellowship
    Hates -Gildas, Gnostics, all the beings of heaven, brazen acts of stupidity that jeopardize missions and the lives of the fellowship.
    Fears- Losing her fellowship, the church's wrath, everything that the fellowship achieved amounting to nothing, Archengel, Quoriel
    Prejudice against (All orders) - You are a stereotypical _______, until you prove her wrong.
    Illogical Hypocrisy - She hates all kowtowing gnostics, but the worse offender are in her fellowship.

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings: Dusky, brown with a Caesar haircut, brown, brown with blonde highlights
    Fighting and Combat - sometimes shock and awe; sometimes graceful and economic
    Male or Female - Female
    Tattoos - Traditional, thin, linear covering her arms and legs,joining over her heart, a lone tattoo over her left cheek
    Additional Weirdness -Her sword, Elias, was the prototype for a sword that enchanced a Michaelite's potestates and combat prowess, but it was never mass produced because of the high casualty rate of its users. Michael's essence taught her Aramaic. After receiving the Word of Sanctuary from Raphael, a voices whispers sephirotic virtues to her. The voice is louder near Schaliel.

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - End the war with heaven, permanently remove all divine beings from the world
    Ignores - use of any means to accomplish ends, anything that doesn't help the big picture
    Weakness in Plan - the natural laws of the universe, growing distrust of the church and her fellowship

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Zabbaiel on Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:53 pm

    Mental Description: Recovering rage addict with concrete views on the how the world should function. Courageous in the face of danger and always willing to speak against injustice. She is kind, but the world presents few opportunities for her to be so. Mystery and shadow stay her hand.
    Loves - Freedom, Engel, Men, Sephardic Tenets, the Order of Saint George, Urielites, Gabrielites, Barsiel, Magdal, Maroth, Cathatel, Schaliel, Serrathal, Layliel, Quoriel
    Likes - Animals, Physical Activity, Camping, Iridiel, Bishop Claudia, Aurelia, Ebba and Eckhart, Layliel, Quoriel
    Tolerates - Kreutz, Magister Jans, Loth, Beoloth, Layliel, Quoriel
    Finds Amusing - Iadoth, Layliel, Quoriel
    Dislikes and Avoids - Children, Layliel, Quoriel
    Dislikes and Confronts - Cowardice, Selfish Action, Cruelty, Layliel, Quoriel
    Hates - Corruption, the End justifying the Means, the idea that only select people deserve Heaven, Baal, Leviticus, Layliel, Quoriel
    Fears- Dying alone having accomplished nothing
    Prejudice against (Order) - Who the hell put the Michaelites in charge and why do the Raphaelites keep talking
    Illogical Hypocrisy - Stones and Glass Houses

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - Light asian skin tone, black straight hair that has been artistically/randomly shave by a combat knife to give major bang-age, brown eyes, salt and pepper wings, clearly of Korean descent
    Fighting and Combat - Acrobatic combat that relies on sudden, unpredictable strikes and movement. Alternatively, the craziest break dance chicken fight you've ever seen.
    Male or Female - Totes Fem
    Tattoos - They are of various sizes and lengths but they interweave to form a helix that extends from her feet up through her torso and up to the end of her neck.
    Additional Weirdness - I am the embodiment of God's true Beauty (makes Iri scream and Quo throb), I have a Beast inside of me that tells me to eat and to kill everything, I never believed I was divine, the first to read, I carry around a Samaelite sword, I was actually Serrathal's friend

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - Stop the end of the world by uniting all of humanity against the Lord of the Flies and empowering them through the holy backbone of the world (the Sephirot)
    Ignores - Humans have the choice to Sin.
    Weakness in Plan - This may accomplish the Will's objective

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Beoloth on Wed May 02, 2012 11:03 pm

    Mental Description ESTP
    Loves - Painting,the rain, the fellowship (except Layliel, Iridiel, and Zabbaiel), helping people, healing, Salvation
    Likes -Leviticus, the righteous path, Peter, children, Iadoth, Glorial, Bishop Claudia
    Tolerates - Iridial, Zabbaiel
    Finds Amusing -Iadoth, Templars, the pontifex
    Dislikes and Avoids - Kreutz, Ossiel
    Dislikes and Confronts -Layliel, Quoriel, Grimriders
    Hates -Kreutz
    Fears-The Fall of Babylon, enslavement of the people, the fall of the true church, Never making a difference
    Prejudice against (Order) - The Gabrielites are nothing more then war mongers. Their usefulness is only beneficial if the leash is held on them.
    Illogical Hypocrisy - All of mankind must be free to rule themselves if necessary though they must be held by an iron fist.

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - Olive skin, Brown wavy hair that is growing into a Mohawk, pale blue eyes, and slate grey wings
    Fighting and Combat -Up close and personal. The blood of the fallen fuels my rage for justice.
    Male or Female - Penis
    Tattoos -Tightly woven around the back and torso. The design vaguely resembles Samoan tattoos. There is one strip that vertically covers his left eye.
    Additional Weirdness - The Girdle of Samson wraps around his waist and interlocks a silver lions head with sapphire eyes (I'm Strong!), The Heaven's Tears gauntlets shimmer in rare light of the sun and give Beoloth's hands an inhuman look.

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - To revamp the Raphielitan order into a order resembling the Knights of the Hospitalier. An organization devoted to the service of God and humanity. Teaching them how to defend themselves, fending of the darkness, and healing the pain of that world. Hosanna in the highest. The establishment of self-governing towns with self representation ruling alongside church officials and the establishments of unified hospitals.
    Ignores - Sacrifices that must be made. Innocents that must suffer for the greater good.
    Weakness in Plan - This will bring down the fury of all.

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Phill on Thu May 03, 2012 7:13 pm

    OH SNAP.


    This is great stuff. Encourage the others to post as well. All of you who have posted above me (Matt, Aeriell, Jared, Taylor, and Mac) take a motherfucking ADVENTURE POINT.

    Shit, I'll just use that to bribe all the hold-outs too.

    Spread the word.

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    Post  Schaliel on Sat May 05, 2012 12:37 pm

    Mental Description: Deeply cares for others, but developing a sense of self-preservation. Personality Type: ENFJ ("The Giver")
    Loves - People, his Fellowship (like one would love their dysfunctional family), Cathetel, Maroth, Barsiel, Fire, speaking frankly, sleeping
    Likes - Tyriel, Biblus, Beoloth, Iridiel, Baal, Iadoth, Zabbaiel, Layliel, Atiniel, Claudia, girls in general
    Tolerates - Quoriel (I'm watching you!!), men
    Finds Amusing - Iadoth, Baal
    Dislikes and Avoids - Authority, anyone in a position of power at the Church, the Gabrielite Order
    Dislikes and Confronts - Bullies
    Hates - Being alone, being cold, being patronized for his youth/lack of experience, Dreamseed
    Fears - Death, powerlessness
    Prejudice against (Order) - Treats them all with respect, but secretly dislikes the Michaelites for being so... magisterial
    Illogical Hypocrisy - An Engel of Death who is afraid to die.*

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - Caucasian, but slightly tanned / red (dyed) / brownish-red / black, with some grey feathers in the mix
    Fighting and Combat - Aerial/Acrobatic, uses solid surfaces to propel his body and sword into enemies; prefers to incapacitate rather than kill, unless it's Dreamseed, then he'll use his flaming sword to hack and slash with great relish!
    Male or Female - Male, as much of a chick as he might look, haha. Body Type: thin, but sturdy. He seems a bit delicate though.
    Tattoos - Solid, simple, starting as a band around his neck (like a choker) and running down the outside of both his arms in a single line, stopping at his middle fingertips
    Additional Weirdness - He was gifted the Corona Lucifer as an experiment by the Gabrielites, however he sacrificed the crown in the fight with the Nephelim. He still seems able to draw great power from a different source, however...

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - To survive, and to protect the weak
    Ignores - Rules and politics. Psh!
    Weakness in Plan - In order to survive and to protect the weak, you need allies and discipline...

    *Thanks again Matt for putting it so succinctly!

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    Re: Define Yourself

    Post  Baal on Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:55 pm


    Mental Description: Ditsy, oblivious genius. Is very blunt when he speaks. This is often misconstrued as sarcasm, but this is never intentional. Pragmatic and willing to sacrifice...anything but his own well being. Craves physical and emotional interaction.
    Loves - Living, Succeeding where others have failed, Loth, Serrathaal, The Cathedral of Thoughts, Romance, Peace, Friendship
    Likes - Beoloth, Dancing, Maroth, Fixing things, Gabrielites, Secrets, Sex, The Abs, Ettiene Normand, Money
    Tolerates - The Pontifex, Raphael, Michael, Ramielites, Zabbiel
    Finds Amusing - Iadoth, Teenage Love, Bishop Claudia, Puns
    Dislikes and Avoids - Dreamseed, Physical Violence, Irridiel, People who don't listen to him
    Dislikes and Confronts - Bad Ideas, Unproductive verbal arguments, His past decisions
    Hates - Death, Gnosticism, Blind Faith, God, His own cowardice
    Fears- Dying, Being Wrong, Lonliness, The Will, Failure
    Prejudice against (Ramielites) - Their sole purpose is to gather and catalogue knowledge...They have failed utterly.
    Illogical Hypocrisy - Fears being alone, but constantly cuts himself off from others. Wants to rid the Earth of supernatural beings, but is willing to use supernatural powers to do so.

    Physical Description:
    Skin, Hair, Eyes, Wings - Slightly tan, Flowing blonde, Piercing blue, Silvery grey
    Fighting and Combat - Hides and screams till the bad things explode.
    Male or Female - Male
    Tattoos - Covering his back, like a mural. None anywhere else.
    Additional Weirdness - Wears a silver band around his head. These bands are often used in Hymmels to help train Engel. It sends out nano-machines that will emit different frequencies, creating a hypnotic effect, forcing the listener to comprehend and remember what is being said. Baal personally modified his, allowing his words(screams) to do sonic damage in combat. Only known Ramielite to be able to survive for an indeffinate period of time in the Cathedral of Thoughts.

    Political Description:
    Master Plan - Build a new Hymmel to create more Engel at an accelerated rate. Then, transubstantiate this army to the higher realms to face-rape everything that has been fucking with mankind.
    Ignores - Anyone who doesn't like his plan.
    Weakness in Plan - He does not have enough data about the higher realms or the beings that dwell there to have confidence in the success of his plan. Also, the implementation of such a plan will likely take longer than his lifetime.

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    Re: Define Yourself

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