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"Uh, actually...I was a heretic before it was 'cool'" -Hipgnostic

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    Post  Zabbaiel on Fri May 04, 2012 12:05 pm

    Zabbaiel's Theme

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    Post  Iridiel on Fri May 04, 2012 1:24 pm

    I actually always viewed you as this:

    I overcame my bone structure and metabolism
    I made myself engage in mind-numbing conversation
    A fad diet left me with skin, bone and bitterness
    starved myself to a petite listening to repetitive electro shit

    Prey to the fairies
    she got her wish
    tied up and vacuous
    she made the switch
    step into her carriage
    put on the ritz
    saliva laced malicious
    skinny little bitch (singin’)


    hey, like my tats? Full sleeve, Black and White
    2 toned, no-ones’ home, in today, out tonight
    shiny happy die alone, viscous girls, plastic guys
    you keep on scratching my back and I’ll scratch out your eyes

    (he is the) home coming queen, hip new breed of clique
    wears a Tiara made of daggers and is in the top 8
    you throw him a kiss he throws hi-voltage bouquets
    if he can’t have your affection then he’ll thrive on your hate

    membrane of bitterness
    words that rip
    Topped of with a tongue with your name on it’s tip
    Hatred for a skeleton
    ugly and rich
    all wrapped up in a skinny little bitch (singin')


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