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    NPC Files - Iadoth!


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    NPC Files - Iadoth!

    Post  Phill on Thu May 03, 2012 7:01 pm

    IADOTH, Sarielitin of Frieburg, Fellowship of Adam

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Size: Skinny jeans 13-year-old
    Clothes: Baggy robes
    Skin: Caucasian
    Hair: Dirty blond, fashionable
    Eyes: Brown
    Wings: Hover-platform
    Tattoos: NA
    Accessory: Pre-Flood Music Machina
    Fighting and Action: Crashing and screaming
    Actor: Joffrey from Game of Thrones
    Physical Aspect: Doomsday Song

    Mental Description
    Loves: People who roughhouse or act brofull with him.
    Hates: Being fragile and weak.
    Fears: Not having the guts to grow up.
    Tolerates: Being a holy icon.
    Amused by: Mimicking people to make himself sound cool.
    Prejudice: Girls who dismiss him as ‘cute’.
    Quirk: Urge to be a child outweighs obvious desire to be an adult.
    Mental Aspect: Far Off Look

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: He’s awesome because he’s mature, way more than all the others!
    Beoloth: BIG. BRO. Teach me to punch things!
    Cathetel: She’s nice, and I’ll mess up anybody who tries to get her.
    Iridiel: I can’t be like him when I grow up.
    Layliel: Take me seriously, because I think about you every night.
    Maroth: Scary. One day I’ll be able to say ‘hi’ to her.
    Schaliel: Finally, somebody who I can talk to about my angst.
    Zabbaiel: Scaryx2. We have nothing in common.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Pyriel: He doesn’t let me help with anything in Frieburg. I hate him because he thinks I’m worthless.

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