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    NPC Files - Ossiel


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    NPC Files - Ossiel Empty NPC Files - Ossiel

    Post  Phill on Thu May 03, 2012 6:58 pm

    OSSIEL, Michaelitin of the Malleus, Fellowship of Adam

    Physical Description
    Sex: Male
    Size: Beefcake
    Clothes: Tight and clean
    Skin: Ginger
    Hair: Ginger
    Eyes: Ginger
    Wings: Reddish Brown
    Tattoos: Forearms and thighs
    Fighting and Action: Brawling and wrestling
    Actor: Fred/George Weasly on roids
    Physical Aspect: Strongest Michaelite

    Mental Description
    Loves: Being quiet and listening really well.
    Hates: Having to be formal and Michaelite-like.
    Fears: Someone finding out he’s terrible with Potestates.
    Tolerates: Using his size to intimidate people.
    Amused by: People thinking he is dumb.
    Prejudice: Engel that fly off the handle over nothing.
    Quirk: Not actually stoic, just very quiet and smart.
    Mental Aspect: Deliberate Silence

    Opinions on the PCs
    Baal: I respect him because I know he knows I’m not dumb.
    Beoloth: This guy needs to think about what he says at least twice before he says it.
    Cathetel: Stupidstupidstupid. Why am I so stupid?! I thought I was smarter than that…
    Iridiel: Nice guy, likes the Faith, totally calm. We’re down.
    Layliel: Too slick of an operator to trust. She has connections that I can’t fully unravel.
    Maroth: Coolheaded but passionate? Wow. Tyriel knows Maroth, maybe I could ask him more about her.
    Schaliel: Like the Michaelites, he was brought to Earth as a symbol. I hope it doesn’t go bad.
    Zabbaiel: A completely unpredictable girl-monster. Stay away from me.

    Opinions on an NPC
    Iadoth: I love the Sarielites, so I’ll keep close to him. He might be the only one left.

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