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    NPC files - Gildas Empty NPC files - Gildas

    Post  laylial on Wed May 02, 2012 10:35 pm

    Hey, everyone! Do a profile of NPC's unique to your character! It's fun and everybody else gets to learn!

    Mental Description: anti-social personality disorder
    Loves - himself, his job, achieving his goals, bringing wealthy and powerful individuals to heel
    Likes -people who remind him of himself, Laylial
    Tolerates - social formalities associated with status.
    Finds Amusing -NSFW parts of his job description.
    Dislikes and Avoids - the supernatural.
    Dislikes and Confronts - people who question his methods.
    Hates - when people tell him something can't be done, Michaelitin officials from aristocratic families, anyone who insults him because he's not from Michaelland (Italy), Being kept out of the loop, someone making a fool of him
    Fears - the things he doesn't know killing him.
    Prejudice against (Michaelites) - Their vanity and ass-dragging is the only thing keeping the church from ruling the entire world
    Illogical Hypocrisy - Ignores any facts that prove him wrong. He views most nobles in Roma Aeterna as stubborn, arrogant, and vindictive.

    Physical Description: an older, balding, greying, Danny Houston with a goatee
    Skin, Hair, Eyes - lightly tanned, grey, brown eyes.
    Fighting and Combat - unrefined but pragmatic. Imagine Gurney Halleck from Dune or Bronn for GMoT.
    Male or Female - Male
    Additional Weirdness - The Pontifex gave him full dispensation from Sin. He is Laylial's patron under the Michaelite's "favor" system (Michaelitin officials take on retainers to perform task that may conflict with the order's strict moral code. If someone does a "favor" for a Michaelitin official, then the two enter an unspoken agreement that does not end until the Michaelitin releases them. The retainer must perform whatever task the Michaelitin ask of them. The retainer may also ask the Michaelitin for assistance, but the Michaelitin isn't required to comply. However, they generally do unless it is detrimental to their office or social standing of the church)

    PC Opinions:

    Layliel - "I have many bastard children, but she's the closest thing to a daughter. Although, she still needs some direction."
    Layliel's fellowship-"They are useful, but Laylial needs to keep them on a tighter leash. She's a Michaelite for godssake! It's embarassing!"

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