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"Uh, actually...I was a heretic before it was 'cool'" -Hipgnostic

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    I was created in His image. That is my design. The path of the Unending One chains me to all realms. That is my duty. The ten trees of Ein Sof bring nothingness and infinity. That is my purpose. I am Zohar.

    Subject code name: “The Ashen”, original Engel name: *REDACTED*is now in stable condition. I have not found the origin of the mental collapse, but they were right to call me away from Mount Sauvage so that I may apply my revolutionary theories on *REDACTED* induced fatigue. Although the subject does not suffer from anything similar to the breakdown that will naturally occur from repeatedly switching to and from a higher state of consciousness, the subject definitively exhibits signs of contacting a higher plane. I was able to stabilize the subject through *REDACTED*. I am still currently unsure of the nature of this connection though. My fellow Baptists assigned to this project have jealously guarded their knowledge and have pushed me to fix the situation without their help. I can surely say that the subject is no normal *REDACTED*. I included in my report that I believe such an incident will happen again. I will surely be assigned to this project on a permanent basis soon.

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    Ashy Larry's triumphant return!

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    And so it begins...

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