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    Forty Days and Forty Nights


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    Forty Days and Forty Nights

    Post  Phill on Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:55 pm

    The ascension of Iridiel and Zabbaiel took 40 days. Their fall took 40 nights. During that time the world moved on without them. Their friends were left wondering what had happened and desperately tried to contact them. This was impossible. No one, not even the most powerful beings on Earth, knew where they were. As the days dragged on the Fellowship began to lose hope of their return. Here are the events that occurred during their absence.

    [The Party]
    Baal threw himself into the completion of the Ark. In return, the Abs granted him as many leftover resources as they could for the Freiburg Himmel.

    Laylial divined the resting place of the Sword of Michael from the defeated Helel-Emim. She went abroad, alone, to retrieve it. No one knows the specifics of this quest, but she did return eventually bearing the weapon. She has not presented it to Michael.

    Although the audience saw the betrayal of Cathetel by Tsuriel (and Reclaire), she does not mention this to the rest of the Fellowship for her own reasons. Tsuriel and Reclaire are considered allies/members of the Fellowship of Adam. Cathetel facilitates the resurrection of the Raguelitin. Her fight with Tsuriel messed up the process as bit, inadvertently accelerating their growth and destroying the ancient machina. The Raguelites are now reconstituted with their full powers, but with autistic-like minds. They are capable of technological work and loving Cathetel, and that’s pretty much it. She is their Mother. They completed the construction of the Freiburg Himmel in a week.

    Schaliel is torn by guilt over the death of Beoloth and the probable deaths of Zabbaiel and Iridiel. In his upset state he focuses his energy on helping Atiniel before she goes completely insane. He bargains with Loth for her assistance, and eventually after the Raguelitin are reborn they are able to try a desperate solution. It is unknown if it succeeded, because the radical experiment put Atiniel in a coma. No methods have been able to resuscitate her.

    Pulloth stepped up to a major command position in the Fellowship of Adam and took control of a huge contingent of Gabrielites. They flew off on an important military mission.

    [The World]
    As the Ark neared completion the pace of the pilgrimage picked up. Faithful from all across the Church world were on the move. Their journey was not peaceful, though, as they were plagued by Dreamseed and marauders. The armies of the Templar were fielded across Europa to protect these travelers. The great cities of the Churchlands were left depopulated, each losing about half of their people. The exception is Roma Aeturna, oddly, which is now under complete control of the Cult of the Morningstar and wholly uninterested in the Ark.

    With the great movement of the people of Church, the various factions of Gnostics saw that their moment to strike was at hand. They summoned hordes of Holy Beasts and invested their warriors with power. They would strike down the infidel and seize the Ark for themselves. They attacked pilgrims and began a mighty siege of the CERN area. Eventually during the siege there came a great strategy from their holy leaders. They had found a way to send Dreamseed into Merkahbah where they had discovered the existence of the Cathedral of Thoughts. The commanded their Holy Beasts to attack the Cathedral and sever the ties between it and Earth. This succeeded because so few Ramielites are able to fully fight in that place. The roots of the Tree of Knowledge were eaten away and the direct connection to Jeremiel was lost. This deeply affected the Abs who were keyed into its holy knowledge through the Midrash Protocol. The effects on the Ramielitin are still being investigated. The final fate of the Cathedral is still unknown.

    The Urielite Order joined forces with the Fellowship of Adam entirely. The FoA could not just allow the pilgrims to die in droves and so allied with the remaining Church-Engel to protect the people.

    The Fellowship of Adam, led by Pulloth, engaged in a huge battle with an impossible number of Dreamseed (the Gnostic kind) on the northern shores of Africa. The controllers of these beasts were not seen, and the sheer number of monsters was disheartening. The bulwark of the FoA held strong, though, and prevented the Seed from reaching the continent.

    The Free Templar forces of Aurelia focused on protecting Freiburg and the new Himmel. They specifically tried to encourage pilgrims to settle in the Freiburg Citystate and avoid the Ark. During this period they engaged many roving tribes of Gnostics and Dreamseed. They eventually discovered the Gnostics of Rammstein, who were uprooted by violent passing Tribes. A containment action was initiated because of the Rammstein tribe’s peaceful demeanor, but this could not be maintained forever. With their forces being stretched too thin, and the obvious threat of the giant battle-beetle and similar groups, Aurelia’s forces moved toward eliminating Iridiel’s tribe.

    Atiniel, as mentioned, is in a deep coma.

    Shiniel has been locked away inside in the newly constructed Himmel as its temporary powersource.

    Tsuriel is a trusted member of the FoA.

    Ossiel is not turned off by Cathetel having so many children.

    Quoriel and Barsiel fought many times concerning the death of Zabbaiel. They eventually settled into depression and partial respect for each other. Their opinions on Zabbaiel remain unknown.

    Reclaire and Wolfred are now invested in the Freiburg Himmel. Claudia avoids them because she is super-duper preggers.

    Magdal has been seen arguing violently with Trian.

    [Secret Stuff]
    The Peacock Engel, Melek (The Adversary) has come right out and joined the council of the Engelfex. Roma Aeturna has opened its doors to the strange oriental religious offshoots of the East, and many peculiar changes are happening in the city. The main thrust is “Let the old Church go; the new World Order is here.”

    The unholy being that Helel-Emim gave to Maroth was eventually given to Reclaire, who weaponized it along with Baal and other members of the Fellowship.

    Schaliel begged Cathetel for a few Raguelitin to work on a secret project. Somewhere in the Freiburg Himmel there is a thing that is very much like the Baby Machine, but fundamentally different. The motives of Schaliel concerning this thing are unknown.

    The powers of the Ramielitin have been disrupted due to the lost connection to Jeremiel.

    The powers of the Urielitin have been disrupted for an unknown reason, possibly the removal of Phanuel.

    The Battle for the Arc was an ongoing siege lasting a week. The armies of the Gnostics formed a semi-unified front, trying to seize (and eventually just disrupt) the Ark process. The two Loyal Templar armies were present along with the vast majority of the Engel. Over 2 million pilgrims were camped and secure inside the CERN space, and maybe a million more were right outside being denied entrance. Hundreds of thousands were probably still on the road to the Ark. The traditional Church bureaucracy and the Abs and Abessiens of the Ramielite, Raphaelite and Michaelite Orders were all present. At least 90% of the Baptists were there as well.

    Quick napkin math leads us to estimate that the Churchlands are vastly reduced in population and government bodies now. At least 50% of every population center (possibly baring Roma Aeturna) was at the Ark or on the way there.
    The Ark was defended by the valiant actions of the Fellowship of Adam, and the Engel Loyal to the Church. The armies of the Tribes were partially turned back by the arrival of the Holy Prophets Iridiel and Zabbaiel. The cross-dimensional transference of the Ark was to work perfectly, except for the interference of Ab Reclaire.

    The fate of the Ark and the people inside is unknown. The entire 4 mile area of CERN has been reduced to a grey wasteland. There is no trace of the Ark’s workings, the people inside, or the Nephilim relics used to power the thing. It all disappeared in an incomprehensible dome of black energy. 90% of the people, Dreamseed and Engel within 30 miles of the area died as if turned to ash. All named characters survived, of course.

    The black dome reached beyond the clouds (30 miles up, perfect hemi-sphere, visible from space) and cracked the sky open. The audience saw something on the other side of the crack, and then the season finale abruptly ended without further explanation.

    What will happen in the final Season?

    Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.
    -John Milton

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